Brighter futures for unheard voices


As part of the exciting Brighter Futures initiative, plans are advancing for APA-UN representatives, other UN-NGO members, and community-based organizations to actualize an audio & video project on uprooted young children and their families in Elmhurst/Corona, Queens. Although nascent, the exploratory project’s goal is two-fold, (1) to capture a snapshot of the children’s voices and (2) to advocate for ECD services, vis-a-vis migrant children at-risk and in vulnerable situations. Overall, the project hopes to advance in the upcoming year to (a) influence potential funding for ECD’s availability to promote healthy child development of migrant children and (b) elevate children’s voices and their needs to a broader NGO and UN platform and establish them as stakeholders beyond the data, as a voice rather than a statistic.

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Adam Calderon
Adam Calderon
Ph.D. student